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united world colleges(UWC)

a global movement that makes education a force
TO unite people, Nations and cultures
for peace and A sustainable future.
Uplifted Youth

What if YOU could improve your life 


help others improve theirs

at the same time?

You can achieve this by donating a minimum donation of £50 to UWC,

and in return, receive a 50-minute coaching session

from any of the Certified Coaches below


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Liv Miyagawa, ACC

Certified professional coach since 2009, and ACC accredited by the International Coach Federation. Liv is a parent coach, helping parents to solve fights with their children, raise their motivation and support their unique needs. She is also helping successful individuals around the world to find their priorities, get organised and make the right choices. Liv is herself a UWC graduate (AC 04), and is now on the mission to give other young people the opportunity to have the life-changing experience that she had during her years at UWC. 

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Christina Seow

Christina is a certified professional coach and is focused on supporting high school graduates to early career professionals navigate through the foundational years of their careers. She is currently working as a learning and development practitioner with a tech startup. Christina also has professional experience in a wide range of industries including media, hospitality and higher education in the field of customer service, marketing and career coaching. As a global citizen who has been a recipient of various educational scholarships, Christina understands the impact that the UWC movement has on making a difference in the lives of young people. She is on the mission of supporting the growth of young people through education and coaching. 

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Kathrine Minzlaff, ACC

Kathrine is a certified professional coach and ACC accredited by the International Coach Federation. Her passion for learning and desire to support young individuals navigate through life’s challenges – personally and professionally - led her to study psychology and train to be a certified coach. Her mission as a transformational life and career coach is to guide and support young individuals to live with vision and purpose and empower them to create the best version of themselves. She also dedicates her coaching practice to supporting charities and fundraising with the hope of making a difference in the lives of all young people, including the underprivileged, and giving them hope for better, more meaningful lives.

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Lyda Michopoulou

Lyda is a certified professional coach working in the field of transformational life coaching. Their passion for change has allowed them to transform both personally and professionally over the last 8 years leading them to train and get certified as a coach. Lyda’s mission as a transformational life coach is to support young individiuals going through personal and professional transformations giving emphasis on gender identity and non-binary people. 

© 2022 Kathrine Minzlaff

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