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January 09, 2023


Kathrine is not only well trained and experienced, she is truly a born coach! A session with Kathrine at first feels like a relaxed talk with friends. Whereas afterwards the notes she took but also the questions she asked always leave you realizing the big picture behind. Kathrine helped me asking the right questions, finding my own way!


- Julia

December 05, 2022


Kathrine, was a great help through a tough phase in my life. she had managed through only few session to have a positive impact on my personality. she led me thought certain difficulties and helped overcome my insecurities and to set new goals in my life. I can only recommend her further.


- Dina

April 03, 2022​


Kathrine was an incredible tool in helping me to assess my life and figure out the changes I needed to start a new chapter. I feel so fortunate that I had the opportunity to work with her, she is genuine, supportive and did an amazing job of guiding me and helping me to discover my authentic self and what I was searching for in the moment. I came to her a bit lost and overwhelmed and in need of some form of assistance, due to my desire to follow a new career path but unsure exactly what path I should take. She helped me to pinpoint what I wanted and encouraged me to discover strengths I did not recognize that I had until working with her. I would highly recommend her if you were looking for someone who can really facilitate in guiding you to know yourself and understand your strengths and how you can use them to further your life/career.


- Rebecca

March 25, 2022


As a software engineer, I must constantly grow, learn, and acquire soft skills to help me break to higher positions within my teams. I rose from junior to senior software engineer when Kathrine coached me. Through the coaching process, I learned how to actively approach my working days, analyse and reflect on my contribution at work, and the rapport I build at work - how I influence others and how my team perceives me. As a result, I have taken more responsibility, gained more credibility, and viewed more importantly at work. During our coaching sessions, Kathrine helped me reflect on my skills, strengths, passion, and what I enjoy doing by providing a comfortable, safe and encouraging space. With mutual respect and trust, we gave each other honest feedback. The insights and reflections that she elicited from me gave me the means to help me understand my goals and analyse my current working environment and how to make the best of it. It also motivated me to look for and take opportunities. As I continue to grow, I still find getting coaching by Kathrine valuable. She offers me a place where I can be honest, open with myself, explore my thoughts out loud while I gain valuable feedback, observations, and incisive questions from her that support me in moving closer to my goals.


- Sabina

February 12, 2022

I've been working with Kathrine for over a year and her coaching has helped me achieve success in both personal and professional areas of my life. Kathrine is empathetic, balanced and gave me the confidence to set goals and then actually achieve them, understand roadblocks and develop action plans to resolve them and get clarity on direction and decisions I've had to make.

- Michelle Kelly

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